I went to Z Gallerie

We have a fantastic Z Gallerie in our neck of the woods, but it’s across town and I seldom get there. Today I made it and I spied a few things I recognized.


This is called the Laurel Chandelier and can be found here: It starts at $759.00


This isn’t exact;y like the one in the house, but it’s very close. It has 3 sizes and this is the largest. $299 to $499. You can find it here:


I really love these orbs! They come in three sizes and are priced from $19.95 to $29.95. Get it here:


On their web site, they only have turquoise (at least that I could find) but they are identical. They are priced at $39.95 and I have seen these in a couple of model homes. Get yours here:


$39.95 and it’s just like the chrysanthemum. Love it. Get it here:


Here they are in white. I love these so much. Such a great alternative to a picture. $39.95 Get it here:


I found these in white online. $49.95 to 59.95. Go here:


This is called the Vortex vase and it is $34.95 for the small and $39.95 for the tall one next to it. This was on the table of one of the town homes I posted about. Find it here:


This is the Linear Strand, it is $349 and can be found here:


This is the Radiant Wall Sconce and I love it. Really. It’s also on sale for $49.95!! Find it here:


The Ram Head is $49.95 and can be found here: The Rhino Head is also $49.95 and can be found here:


I can’t find this anywhere online. That ticks me off. It was obviously in their store so why not online? A girl has expectations, you know? I did find some pretty capiz shell that are somewhat similar. Take a look: And spread the love. If you see this online, let me know.


I’m here for you

As you know, I’ve been trying to source some of these delicious finds and sometimes they come to me by accident. This is an accident. A while ago, there was a townhouse, which you can find here, and I wasn’t super crazy about the house itself, but it had some fantastic details. I found the table at Pier 1.


It’s $119 which I think is a good price, but it doesn’t include the glass. You can score this baby here. You’re welcome.

You can run, but you can’t hide

Score! Remember how I was so in love with that house with the cool lighting? I found some of the fixtures and I’m going to share them. Because it’s how I am. So behold the black cage light:


It is $1,152 and can be found at here. Right? I know. I’ll wait.

While I was there, I found more!!

I love this one and I believe it was the one over the dining room table.


It is $299 and can be found here.

This next one was also in the house, but I don’t think I took a picture of it. So, enjoy.


It has a more industrial look and I freaking love it. It really looks good when it’s mixed with more upper end stuff. It clocks in at a whopping $750 and can be found here. It’s made from wine barrel straps (hence the price) and is 20″ in diameter.

This next one just made me super happy, so I’m going to share.


This little guy is $218 and can be found here. I just love the amber drops.

Hope you enjoyed a little lighting! I’m not finished yet, though. I have found a zillion things in the pictures that I will post and link to, so stay tuned!!