I can’t make this up

Our national nightmare continues. A few weeks ago, I warned you about ugly furniture found in the wild and I regret to inform you that there’s more. This looks like an exorcism gone wrong.

Container-Wanda-3-Piece-Living-Room-Set-S506-3PC 2.jpg

If you should decide that you can’t live without this (!?), you can get it here. The whole set can be yours for about $1100. Just please don’t tell me about it. Or anyone for that matter.

Oh Dear

This scared the shit out of me. These two hideous “lamps” were in the Pandora store. I really think they make enough money to invest in lighting. So I asked the sales person if the lamp was maybe being renovated in some bizarre way or if it had behaved badly and was in a time out. She very seriously looked at me and said she liked it. I’m thinking MacuIar Degeneration. I mean it is a chandelier under that tight ghost skirt, right? But, it looks like something that came out of a baby.

IMG_3733 IMG_3732

The real moral of the story? Shop online for beads.