I went to Pier 1 today

IMG_3776 IMG_3777 IMG_3778

Glass, Glass, and more glass. I know you read my post about Chihuly, which was not only spectacular, but completely justifies glass of any kind. Look at those little sexy bitches.

IMG_3779 IMG_3780 IMG_3782

Oh my god-the brown glass one here…makes me swoon a little. It looks like the same shape as the purple one I wrote about a few weeks ago. (Jeez people, keep up. You’re missing the good stuff.) It looks so retro and ‘I Dream of Jeannie’. Love it. And then of course, you have the glass balls. I know your balls aren’t glass and aren’t you happy about that?

IMG_3783 IMG_3784 IMG_3785

This turquoise floor lamp makes me happy, for sure and the candle holder has a nice shape and it’s a little different. What’s not to love? The one in the middle I took for my own selfish reasons. I’m looking for bedroom lamps right now and was thinking about a wood one because our furniture in there is wood and leather (yeah, baby). So I’m going to gaze for a while and see how it rolls out. Oh you know I’ll share. You’re a voyeur.

IMG_3786 IMG_3787 IMG_3788

Everything about these three makes me happy. Those white swirls in the first picture are so pretty. The purple ones are fabulous, and that one on the end should really be living with me right now. Super pretty.

IMG_3789 IMG_3790

I saw these Martini “glasses” and they just made me happy. They’re metal-I don’t know-maybe aluminum? Anyway, they were striking and unusual. You may get tired of them after a while, though. Or you could just do the obvious and mix them up with your other martini glasses. I know you drink.

IMG_3791 IMG_3792

Yes, red is a thing now. We’ll do a dish event when I feel like it, but I thought you may want a little peek. I really like red in the house. It doesn’t come close to my undying love for turquoise, but it’s up there. And can you even stand that chair?!? I love it so much, what did I do? I bought two of them. I’m getting rid of my leather loveseat in the living room and will replace that with these and a little table between them. I love the color and the whimsy. I believe I’ve mentioned that my house is on the smaller side and is very modest. They stay true to the size, architecture, and lightness of the house. These will perk it up and add to that homey vibe.


And finally. Remember when I wrote about this owl thing? Well, in fairness to owls everywhere, I felt like I owed it to you to show you yet another one. This one doesn’t┬áprovoke my gag reflex though, but I still don’t want this shit in my home.

Who? Who?

I was looking for a cute and fun accent table to complement my cozy corner, or at least make that area less…well, less everything. So I found myself on Pier 1’s web site looking for a table and, there. Right there. On the home page. Pillows, and lots of them, with owls on them. Owls. This is a thing.
Apparently this trend is on the downswing even though it’s still an active design on stuff. All I can say is, thank GOD I pretty much missed this trend. Owls? In your house? On your things? NO.
I started to think maybe I’m being too harsh on owls. They seem pretty cool on the whole, so maybe I can find a way to work with them. Let me check and see if there are any owls I can live with. Here’s what I found:

At World Market:

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 8.45.25 PM

These mercury white-washed candle holders are $4.99 and $7.99 and can be found here.


Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 8.48.06 PM

This one is not bad. Really. It’s $20 and hand made. I’ll link to it here, but I can’t guarantee it will be in stock if you want it. But if you simply cannot take another breath until this baby is yours, click on the link or the picture and ask the artist to make you one. Etsy folks seem to be very accommodating.

And finally, at Modcloth:

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 8.38.22 PM

This is $12.99 and can be found here. I could live with this in a child’s room. If it was 50 cents.
So that’s about it for anything even close to worthwhile. Yes. What you see here is the best of what the owl world has to offer you. I know you don’t believe me and that’s ok. I looked everywhere. Don’t even bother with Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Amazon is a total bust. Let me tell you something. I googled the shit out of owls. I dug deep. I took a stroll on Silk Road.
So look. I get it. You love owls. For the rest of us, all I can say is Run Forest, Run!