Interior doors-A love story

Interior doors are always overlooked so we’re taking a peek at some possibilities! It’s all in the details, of course, and I found some hot little numbers to review, so let’s take a stroll.

We’ll start with a very basic, and totally boring, offering that we’ve all seen:


You can get this number here. Nothing really wrong with this, but it’s so ho-hum. I daresay this style is in your house right now. No shame, but you might want to mix things up, and you can start with this:


Not everyone can pull these glass doors off, but in the right house? Yes, please. You can step out here.


I love the panes on this one and the wood is awesome. Check it out here. I know the picture is small, but I just don’t know how to make it bigger. Anyway, this one is fantastic in a modern home.


Another one but in twinsies. Get it here

I love all three of these, especially the gray one. Classes up the joint. And the one on the bottom would be great for a nursery, but you’d have to re-imagine your other doors so it doesn’t look like a fun house.

This one makes my heart go thump thump. There’s a builder in West Tampa that has a very modern flair and they use these. Reminds me of old school Hollywood. If you’re interested in the builder, let me know. Check the door out here. It’s UK based, so get out your currency converter.


This little vixen would be great for a kitchen pantry. Swoon…


Same flavor, different application.


Above are some styles to whet your whistle. White doors are sometimes necessary, but a wood or stained door can completely transform your home and give it that Wow.

My biggest peeve about rehabs/remodeling is not staying true to the architecture of your home. If you live in a more modest home, you should probably skip the very ornate elements. If you live in a bungalow, don’t install something with a Mediterranean flair. This seems obvious, but apparently it’s not.

Some questions to consider when selecting a door:

What room is it for? What is the style of the home? How tall are the ceilings? Flooring type? Which way does the door swing? What color? If you are able to select early in the process, you’ll have better cohesion. New construction builders won’t allow you to select your own doors, so it will have to be done post-closing. Builders aren’t terribly flexible about these types of things because they obviously want you to pay the insane mark-up for their options and they also don’t offer this type of interpretation. It’s possible that CalAtlantic, David Weekley, or West Bay may offer a wider range of options. Reach out and we’ll explore.043044981157

A big NO for this barn door. They’re a pain and have a limited life span. Pick your trendy items carefully. For example-stay clear of farmhouse sinks. What? What was that? Are we trying to rebrand this and call it an apron sink? NO! Back away!! That door (and that sink) are going to cause you heartache.

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That’s it, kids. I’ve given you a new reason to shop and isn’t that why you’re here? Tell your friends!