I can’t make this up

Our national nightmare continues. A few weeks ago, I warned you about ugly furniture found in the wild and I regret to inform you that there’s more. This looks like an exorcism gone wrong.

Container-Wanda-3-Piece-Living-Room-Set-S506-3PC 2.jpg

If you should decide that you can’t live without this (!?), you can get it here. The whole set can be yours for about $1100. Just please don’t tell me about it. Or anyone for that matter.

Ikea Always Entertains

Every word of this is true. In 2014-2015, people were playing Hide and Seek in Ikea stores. This weirdness started in Belgium when a woman turning 30 wanted (seriously) to play Hide and Seek for her birthday. In an Ikea. In Belgium.

Apparently her posse thought this was such fun, they started inviting people – and they told two more, and they told two more, etc – and Ikea was somewhat forced to “play” along. Of course the world being what it is, they had their own Facebook page and allowed a certain number of people at a time to go in. If you didn’t get there in time, they put you on a waiting list. The list made it to 33,000. Yep-33,000 people waiting to play Hide and Seek in an Ikea store.

So Amsterdam gets it’s feelings all hurt and starts their own version. They had 19,000 on their wait list.

Finally Ikea became the buzz kill we always suspected they are, and shut the whole thing down. They said something about liability, corporate stuff, blah blah.

So the next time you’re in Ikea, look around. There may be someone hiding!! Like a dubenflausen or a mjorken.