Coming Around Again

That’s right. Another one. What? You don’t like town homes either? Well, strap in, because it’s here. This one is an interior unit and is 1690sf (?). 3/2.5/1 again. This little nugget was mostly yellow and gray which I’m already completely sick of. It’s not an interesting enough color palette to become a “thing”, you know? This one is a C, but only because I like the big ass mirrors.

I really don’t care for the piece on the wall in the kitchen. It’s just too bland and that wall is fantastic. Also, she did a sports themed room for the boy, and even though it’s my alma mater, I don’t care for “school” rooms. We’ve seen much better boys rooms here on this blog, so the bar is high. Speaking of bars, the bar stools are some of my favorite and I’ve seen another builder use these. I love the metal things on the sides of the living room window. They have nice texture and hopefully you can see that in the pictures. Overall, nothing special.

IMG_1184 IMG_1183 IMG_1182 IMG_1181 IMG_1180 IMG_1179 IMG_1178 IMG_1177 IMG_1176 IMG_1175 IMG_1174 IMG_1173 IMG_1172 IMG_1171 IMG_1170 IMG_1169 IMG_1168 IMG_1167 IMG_1166 IMG_1165 IMG_1164 IMG_1163 IMG_1162 IMG_1161 IMG_1160 IMG_1159 IMG_1158 IMG_1157 IMG_1156 IMG_1155 IMG_1151

Townhouse in Wesley Chapel

There were three today, so if you are binge reading, you have that to look forward to. This one is 1688sf, 3BR/2.5BA/1. This one gets a C+ but only because I really liked some of her color choices. Not the purple on the entry wall (too much!) but she had some very nice accents of it in the rest of the home. I can say with certainty that no good can come from a purple wall. Just, no. She also relied heavily on the wainscoting here, so she’s consistent. And fake food! There was fake food! That always makes me happy!! A couple of things especially caught my eye-the round coffee table, the dimensional wall thingies, and the girls room. Oh and I love the shape of that Parson’s chair in the living room. Delicious.

Interesting choices, but she could have done better.

IMG_1153 IMG_1152 IMG_1151 IMG_1150 IMG_1149 IMG_1148 IMG_1147 IMG_1146 IMG_1145 IMG_1144 IMG_1143 IMG_1142 IMG_1141 IMG_1140 IMG_1139 IMG_1138 IMG_1137 IMG_1136 IMG_1135 IMG_1134 IMG_1133 IMG_1132 IMG_1131 IMG_1130 IMG_1129 IMG_1128 IMG_1127 IMG_1126 IMG_1125 IMG_1124 IMG_1123 IMG_1122 IMG_1121 IMG_1120 IMG_1119 IMG_1118 IMG_1117 IMG_1116 IMG_1115 IMG_1114 IMG_1113 IMG_1112 IMG_1111 IMG_1110 IMG_1109 IMG_1108 IMG_1107 IMG_1106 IMG_1105 IMG_1104 IMG_1103 IMG_1102 IMG_1101 IMG_1100 IMG_1099 IMG_1098 IMG_1097 IMG_1096 IMG_1095 IMG_1093

It’s raining town homes

By now you must be thinking I only go to town homes. Well, you’d be wrong, but I do go to quite a few. To wit: this baby at 1885 sf, 3 Br, 2.5 Ba, and 2 car garage. Like most town homes, this one is uninspired but the size is pretty good. The layout is not as awful as most, but you can decide if you like it or not. Sadly, the decorator didn’t rise to the challenge. It’s not horrible, but it has no Wow, no Zhush, no Ah. There is liberal use of Ikea stuff and she picked the good stuff, so that. Overall, this is a C. Seems harsh, but with a challenging floor plan, it’s a perfect opportunity to really show your stuff. The furniture is awful and looks super cheap. I just think there are some missed opportunities here. So I stand by the C.

IMG_0830 IMG_0829 IMG_0828 IMG_0827 IMG_0826 IMG_0825 IMG_0824 IMG_0823 IMG_0822 IMG_0821 IMG_0820 IMG_0819 IMG_0818 IMG_0817 IMG_0816 IMG_0815 IMG_0814 IMG_0813 IMG_0812 IMG_0811 IMG_0810 IMG_0809 IMG_0808 IMG_0807 IMG_0806 IMG_0805 IMG_0804 IMG_0803 IMG_0802 IMG_0801

Riverview Townhouse

This is one of the more entry level type builders. I’m pretty sure that after watching them build these things, I don’t ever want to live in one. This offering is about 1550 sf but because it’s a townhouse, it feels smaller. The one car garage seems barely big enough to hold your car, much less get in and out of comfortably. The decorator chose yellow, gray, and brown for a color palette. It’s pretty at first, but you get tired of it fairly quickly. It’s bland. Not the decorator’s fault, but this has granite (sad face), which I hate. The decorator found some nice touches though and I tried to get some decent photos, too. I think she may have had too many challenges with this one.


Interior of Townhome IMG_0234 IMG_0233 IMG_0232 IMG_0231 IMG_0230 IMG_0229 IMG_0228 IMG_0227 IMG_0225 IMG_0224 IMG_0223 IMG_0222 IMG_0221 IMG_0220 IMG_0219 IMG_0218 IMG_0217 IMG_0216 IMG_0214 IMG_0213 IMG_0212 IMG_0211 IMG_0210 IMG_0209 IMG_0208