Month: August 2017

A little this and that

Today I have nothing but visuals, but I promise not to disappoint. I found these randomly one night on the internet. So-no these aren’t my pictures, and yes I tried to reach out and get permission.

All of these are from the same home, so you would be waking up to all of this fantastic-ness every day. I’m a sucker for stairs. As an architectural element, I find them to be soothing and interesting. That swirl on the bottom and – not sure how well you can see it – but the banister upstairs is like an inverted Juliet. I’m sure there’s a real name for it, but I obviously don’t know what it is! Oh my. And the hands on the table holding what looks like succulents. Yes, please.


I’m still not sick of gray kitchens, but what caught my eye was the backsplash. I can’t quite make out what the counters are made of and I’m not crazy about the “furniture” element. The spindles and whatnot. Still…not too bad.


That little monkey caught my eye, for sure. I love a touch of whimsy, especially in the bedroom. That leather wall needs to be reimagined. Call me truth-teller.


I can’t stop looking at these pin lights. Just fantastic. I also love it when there is wainscoting in the proper context. Tip of the hat.


This is my dream house. It’s not too big and really makes you want to go inside. We’ve been inside for a few minutes, but that was a tease. It’s a porn sight, so I’m sure you expect to be teased, but still.

That window on the second floor with the window box? Yes, please. You can’t help but wonder who has to take care of it. Maybe it’s the fake foliage. Doesn’t matter to me. I love it. A lot. This is exactly the type of home you might see in South Tampa.


I told you it was short and sweet. (Emphasis on the sweet) But, who doesn’t love a quick little romp?