I don’t play favorites

Well ok, actually I do. This little guy totally made me look. It’s super neutral, and you know I like a pop of color, but I’m still giving this props. I’m gonna straight up do something I never do and that’s mention the builder. CalAtlantic has long been a favorite of mine. They put out a good product and are a dream to work with. So that. And-their decorating is (usually) spot on. I’ve posted stuff from them before, but I was gun shy about mentioning the builder. Breaking my own rules here, kid.

Let’s begin with knick knack paddy whacks. This is another house that relies heavily on turquoise, which is fine with me. So far I still don’t want to throw up when I see it, so that makes walking through the house less messy.

Here’s the part that the designers had nothing to do with. I couldn’t get more pictures because there were realtor things going on (top secret, don’t ya know) and I didn’t have the freedom I usually have. So as much as I’m crushing on the house, I have embarrassingly few pictures to show for it.

Textured walls are my new favorite thing and don’t be surprised if 6 months from now you are reading this blog and I’m trashing textured walls. It’s ok to change your mind. For right now, I’ll take it.

Everything in these top four pictures makes me smile. The second picture is the food pantry in the kitchen. I know, right? Obviously stairs make the cut and I love the built in entertainment thingie. It matches the kitchen which always makes me happy.

That bathroom sink is awesome except you’d be cleaning that bitch constantly and would literally have no time to enjoy the textured walls. Good lamps, good lighting. And the coffee table at the top makes me want to stay up past my bedtime – wink wink.

Now you’re gonna think I’ve lost my damn mind, but as I was leaving, I saw this sweet little bowl, vessel (whatever they’re called) and it caught my eye. Love it.


Right? Super simple and easy to overlook, but I thought it was pretty and well placed. Tip of the hat to you, CalAtlantic. Werk it.

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