Back to the future

I’m a Tampa girl all the way and as such, I have a deep love for South Tampa. If you’re from these parts, there’s a good chance you feel the same. Today’s offering is a very short romp through the brick streets.

This is the opposite of new construction and I have to say, when you sell a lot of new/newer homes, they all start to look the same. Not much character, new landscaping, bare streets-yawn. I’ve always preferred the personalities of the South Tampa/Hyde Park  gems and my dream home has always been one of the original Craftsman-style homes. Oh yea-We’ll do more on this, as well as South Tampa in general. For now…

Not new construction.

Obviously the second one is new/newer, but you won’t really see this type of architecture in too many places in the Bay Area. Fantastic. Wouldn’t you love to see the inside of that baby??

The little guy on the left? I looked it up-it sold in April, 2016 for 499k. Yes. That’s correct. What was that? Oh yeah-it’s a 2 BR, 1.5 bath, 1500 sf home. With no pool. Nothing. That’s it. $499,000. Good grass, though.

These are the same house (duh) but it was too big to fit in one frame. Gorgeous home with beautiful landscaping, a porch to die for, a shit ton of personality, and oh dear god I’d live there in a minute! I really want to peek under that skirt. We have Frank Lloyd Wright homes here in the hood and I’ll certainly do some stuff on that. Get some good pics. How often do you get to see an original gem like that? Oh South Tampa…I wish I could quit you.

Not sure what’s happening with the first one. It looks like it needs a trip to the nail salon.

The one on the right is mid century modern and is a fantastic example. I just was not able to capture just how cool that little guy is, but wanted to share anyway. I’d sell my first born for that middle house.

The first one is newer, but fits in nicely with the area. The other two are great examples of ugly ducklings worth a zillion dollars. I’m sure the insides are updated. Perhaps they haven’t had time to do any lawn work. Just saying.

You can definitely see where the homeowners have made changes over the years, but they have stayed true to the architecture. Heart emoji.

I’m a sucker for a porch.

Rounded doors? Yes, please.

I’m a fair and balanced reporter, so I thought you should see the underbelly of South Tampa. I’ll let you decide if the this is appropriate any place on earth.


Tough to look at, right? Don’t stare too long.


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