Unexpected Surprise

There’s a builder here in the hood that I don’t love. Don’t want to rag on any builders, but it is what it is. So, you can imagine my surprise when I go there and the interiors are pretty. It’s a disconnect like that clear Pepsi from a few years ago. Tastes the same, but you just can’t get on board. Sadly though, it ends up with a B-. Details, people.

I love a courtyard. It’s a tease, ya know? It just says “Come up and see me sometime”.

I’m crushing big on these textured walls. It was like river rock. Beautiful. And this chair at the bottom – just a hint of mid-century. A shout out, if you will.

No post would be complete without lighting to swoon over.

I love the hanging lamp that looks kinda Moroccan.  And now, let’s take a look at this…


This builder has managed to take the three things I hate the most and smashed them together. Granite, bathtubs, and wallpaper. I can just hear the people at a conference table all corporate and shit, and they look at each other and say WOW! Why didn’t we think of this before??

It’s giving me the middle finger.

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