Month: August 2016

Back to the future

I’m a Tampa girl all the way and as such, I have a deep love for South Tampa. If you’re from these parts, there’s a good chance you feel the same. Today’s offering is a very short romp through the brick streets.

This is the opposite of new construction and I have to say, when you sell a lot of new/newer homes, they all start to look the same. Not much character, new landscaping, bare streets-yawn. I’ve always preferred the personalities of the South Tampa/Hyde Park  gems and my dream home has always been one of the original Craftsman-style homes. Oh yea-We’ll do more on this, as well as South Tampa in general. For now…

Not new construction.

Obviously the second one is new/newer, but you won’t really see this type of architecture in too many places in the Bay Area. Fantastic. Wouldn’t you love to see the inside of that baby??

The little guy on the left? I looked it up-it sold in April, 2016 for 499k. Yes. That’s correct. What was that? Oh yeah-it’s a 2 BR, 1.5 bath, 1500 sf home. With no pool. Nothing. That’s it. $499,000. Good grass, though.

These are the same house (duh) but it was too big to fit in one frame. Gorgeous home with beautiful landscaping, a porch to die for, a shit ton of personality, and oh dear god I’d live there in a minute! I really want to peek under that skirt. We have Frank Lloyd Wright homes here in the hood and I’ll certainly do some stuff on that. Get some good pics. How often do you get to see an original gem like that? Oh South Tampa…I wish I could quit you.

Not sure what’s happening with the first one. It looks like it needs a trip to the nail salon.

The one on the right is mid century modern and is a fantastic example. I just was not able to capture just how cool that little guy is, but wanted to share anyway. I’d sell my first born for that middle house.

The first one is newer, but fits in nicely with the area. The other two are great examples of ugly ducklings worth a zillion dollars. I’m sure the insides are updated. Perhaps they haven’t had time to do any lawn work. Just saying.

You can definitely see where the homeowners have made changes over the years, but they have stayed true to the architecture. Heart emoji.

I’m a sucker for a porch.

Rounded doors? Yes, please.

I’m a fair and balanced reporter, so I thought you should see the underbelly of South Tampa. I’ll let you decide if the this is appropriate any place on earth.


Tough to look at, right? Don’t stare too long.


Because you like it fast

I was with some folks a day or so ago in a super cute little crib, so I didn’t get the chance to take very many, so I just did a few.

I haven’t mastered the layout thing, so work with me. The curvy bed? Oh yeah. The hall table? Oh yeah. I love the super sweet stuffed doggie and the white dishes towards the top are from Pier 1. They’re still working the mercury glass and I don’t approve, but that’s not a huge deal.

I wish I had had time to take more, but that’s the way it goes. I will say this – a little drama wouldn’t have killed them. Just saying.

Unexpected Surprise

There’s a builder here in the hood that I don’t love. Don’t want to rag on any builders, but it is what it is. So, you can imagine my surprise when I go there and the interiors are pretty. It’s a disconnect like that clear Pepsi from a few years ago. Tastes the same, but you just can’t get on board. Sadly though, it ends up with a B-. Details, people.

I love a courtyard. It’s a tease, ya know? It just says “Come up and see me sometime”.

I’m crushing big on these textured walls. It was like river rock. Beautiful. And this chair at the bottom – just a hint of mid-century. A shout out, if you will.

No post would be complete without lighting to swoon over.

I love the hanging lamp that looks kinda Moroccan.  And now, let’s take a look at this…


This builder has managed to take the three things I hate the most and smashed them together. Granite, bathtubs, and wallpaper. I can just hear the people at a conference table all corporate and shit, and they look at each other and say WOW! Why didn’t we think of this before??

It’s giving me the middle finger.

I went to Pier 1

Pier 1 is where I got my first set of dishes and over the years, it’s been my go-to for misc doo-dads, like a lamp or two, maybe a cool mirror, a random side chair. Stuff like that. Oh-let’s not forget their usually awesome Christmas ornaments. In my family, we have been doing an ornament exchange and it’s been really fun, so Pier 1 is kinda part of the family.

This visit was somewhat uninspired, though. They were putting out new stuff (holy crap-it was Fall stuff. Wha???) Anyway, not too much caught my eye, but I’ll share anyway. You know you want to look.

It was a quickie, for sure. Kinda disappointing.

I went to Key West

Ok kids, vacation time for me, but-because I never stop thinking about my tens of fans-I shot some local flavor. You would think Key West would have a little more to offer, but this is all I could find. If you’re in the Keys and you aren’t water, a boat, a palm tree, a shell something or other, or an iguana, there’s not much in the way of home decor.

IMG_4056 IMG_4059 IMG_4060 IMG_4061 IMG_4062 IMG_4063

I’m afraid I have no idea what these last two are.

Huge House in Wesley Chapel

I can’t tell you how jazzed I am to see no granite. Granite has become some kind of standard as to what makes a “nice” kitchen. It chips, it’s tough to clean, and everyone seems to choose the same color palette. Really? People-you can do better.

This house has Zodiaq and I got the shivers when I saw it. I kinda had to control my squeeling reflex because other people were around. This is not really in the hands of the designer, but a very nice surprise nevertheless.

This designer has used a beautiful color palette and the cohesiveness is very impressive. Only 1 misstep, but it’s one of my pet peeves. Those damn pictures in the hall. In spite of this, it gets a straight-up A.

Two videos because I’m not that great. Watch, enjoy. Oh, and I figured out how to put speech bubbles in the videos. More opinionated commentary for you!!


IMG_2845 IMG_2846 IMG_2847 IMG_2848 IMG_2849 IMG_2850 IMG_2851 IMG_3029 IMG_3030 IMG_3031 IMG_3032 IMG_3033 IMG_3034 IMG_3035 IMG_3036 IMG_3037 IMG_3038 IMG_3039 IMG_3040 IMG_3041 IMG_3042 IMG_3043 IMG_3044 IMG_3045 IMG_3046 IMG_3047 IMG_3048 IMG_3049 IMG_3051 IMG_3052 IMG_3053

Oh god the risers on the stairs make me swoon.

IMG_3054 IMG_3055 IMG_3056 IMG_3057 IMG_3058 IMG_3059 IMG_3060 IMG_3061 IMG_3062 IMG_3063 IMG_3064 IMG_3065 IMG_3066 IMG_3067 IMG_3068 IMG_3070 IMG_3071 IMG_3072 IMG_3073 IMG_3074

The grouping of pictures below is one of the things that makes me want to stab myself. There is no circumstance where clusters of pictures like this is acceptable. They’re never hung straight and the pictures themselves are always slightly skewed. That drives me nuts. Just put something else there.

IMG_3075 IMG_3076

See those pictures?? Just awful.

Texture is always good. I enjoyed this little vignette in the spare bedroom.

IMG_3077 IMG_3078 IMG_3079 IMG_3080 IMG_3081 IMG_3082 IMG_3083 IMG_3084 IMG_3085 IMG_3086 IMG_3087 IMG_3088 IMG_3089 IMG_3090 IMG_3091 IMG_3092 IMG_3093 IMG_3094 IMG_3095 IMG_3096 IMG_3097 IMG_3098 IMG_3099 IMG_3100 IMG_3101 IMG_3102 IMG_3104 IMG_3105 IMG_3106 IMG_3107 IMG_3108 IMG_3109 IMG_3110 IMG_3111 IMG_3112 IMG_3113 IMG_3115 IMG_3116 IMG_3117 IMG_3118 IMG_3119 IMG_3120 IMG_3121 IMG_1520

The lighting in this house was mostly uninspired, but there are some other details that offset that.

Wait-I totally take that back. If the lighting isn’t good, it gets a full letter downgrade. So it gets a B. Actually, a B-. The grade is fair, mostly because of the sexy beast of a sofa and the stairs. Great use of turquoise, though. You get the point, but you aren’t overwhelmed with it. As Martha would say – It’s a good thing.

Ikea Always Entertains

Every word of this is true. In 2014-2015, people were playing Hide and Seek in Ikea stores. This weirdness started in Belgium when a woman turning 30 wanted (seriously) to play Hide and Seek for her birthday. In an Ikea. In Belgium.

Apparently her posse thought this was such fun, they started inviting people – and they told two more, and they told two more, etc – and Ikea was somewhat forced to “play” along. Of course the world being what it is, they had their own Facebook page and allowed a certain number of people at a time to go in. If you didn’t get there in time, they put you on a waiting list. The list made it to 33,000. Yep-33,000 people waiting to play Hide and Seek in an Ikea store.

So Amsterdam gets it’s feelings all hurt and starts their own version. They had 19,000 on their wait list.

Finally Ikea became the buzz kill we always suspected they are, and shut the whole thing down. They said something about liability, corporate stuff, blah blah.

So the next time you’re in Ikea, look around. There may be someone hiding!! Like a dubenflausen or a mjorken.