Month: June 2016

Decorating Zika Virus

Let’s discuss finials. I’ve noticed of late that this detail has been sorely overlooked. Details will test your decorating character. If you think finials are too small of a detail to think about, you’re dead to me. So I came armed with examples of the dismal state of affairs in the Bay Area model homes and hopefully you can be saved.

You’re probably at home thinking these all look the same and I’m yanking your chain. Sadly, these were from DIFFERENT homes, all with a price tag of over 400k. All in one day. Changes things, right?  Builders throw money at their models, so wouldn’t you think these little details would pack a bigger punch?

These two are better than nothing, but you know what? These two lamps came with the finial all ready to go. In my head, there is some person in a lamp factory somewhere who said Wait!!! You can’t let that lamp go outside looking like that. All naked and shit. Put these on.

And just like that, the sun came out. But two lamps are not exactly a trend. So, one more example and then we’re going to get dirty together. The little guy below is someone, somewhere, looking in to the vastness of space and just giving up. Just throwing their hands up. Like a kid with no shoes and you want to wipe his nose.


I’m not a tease, so let’s take a look at some possibilities.


Full disclosure, the above are all north of $200, so I’m thinking out of reach for us mortals. If you’re in the 1%, they can be found here.  For the rest of us, How about onyx, jade, or glass?

Things are looking up, right? I have a little weakness for dragonflies, and I found this little gem:


I enjoy a well curated collection-the thrill of the hunt and all that.


These are supposed to be for curtains and believe me, we will get to curtains, but I think these would be great on a drab lamp. These too:


I’m particularly a fan of pineapples and fleur de lis. Lots of whimsy, texture, and imagination. There are trillions of examples on the internet. How hard is this, designers??