Month: March 2016

Oh dear god

Do. Not. Paint. Your. Ceiling. Just don’t. Leave it to the pros. A choice like that is not for amateurs. I know you think having a soothing light blue on your bedroom ceiling would be oh so calming, but in the real world? Yeah, you screwed up. I can say with complete certainty that you will pick the wrong shade of blue, and it adds no aesthetic value to the room.

Here’s the thing. Color is tricky. Everyone wants something with a little personality. I get it. What I don’t get is why you “don’t want to be like everyone else” and then paint your ceiling blue – like everyone else. And No. No. No. Do not paint an accent wall that horrid tomato red color. For that matter, don’t put that anywhere in your house.

While we’re at it, I see an alarming number of homes with the baseboards painted the same color as the wall. My first thought is you hit your head when you fell and that shit went ALL over the walls. My second thought is–??? WTH are you thinking? Do you also have toilet paper stuck in your dress? Did you lose your glasses? Are you reading this in Braille?

White. Baseboards should be white. I’m not going to give you any exceptions at this time because right now I can’t even look at you.