Super cute little guy in Wesley Chapel

IMG_3910 IMG_3905 IMG_3911

IMG_3940    IMG_3945

I love this childs room. Rooms for kids have been a pain in my ass for a long time, but lately it seems the designers have stepped up their game. Great detail in this room.

IMG_3941  IMG_3942

IMG_3948  IMG_3949

Super cute, right? The acrylic light really makes it pop.

IMG_3929                IMG_3928IMG_3927

This closet has a bench. And great lighting. And a tall vase on the floor. Take me now!!

IMG_3900  IMG_3931IMG_3932

IMG_3883    IMG_3918IMG_3923 IMG_3889 IMG_3915 IMG_3922 IMG_3916 IMG_3903IMG_3894  IMG_3908 IMG_3921 IMG_3884 IMG_3902 IMG_3943 IMG_3896IMG_3886 IMG_3885

I’m not a big fan of round mirrors, but this guy is perfectly placed. There are close-ups of the frame in the second picture, and you can see the fabulous 3-dimensional texture.

IMG_3895  IMG_3950IMG_3913 IMG_3951IMG_3917IMG_3920 IMG_3898 IMG_3914  IMG_3888 IMG_3899 IMG_3946 IMG_3890  IMG_3891 IMG_3897  IMG_3912 IMG_3936 IMG_3919  IMG_3938 IMG_3933IMG_3924


I love this sweet picture of ballet shoes. Not in-your-face Pepto pink.

 IMG_3934 IMG_3892 IMG_3925 IMG_3926  IMG_3939 IMG_3935 IMG_3937 IMG_3887

Overall I would say I’m down with house. The colors weren’t trying too hard and the overall vibe fit the architecture nicely. I have to give this one a B because I really think they could have done better with the lighting. The light over the dining area was pretty cool, but the lamps and other lighting didn’t make me breathe hard. The sconces made me overlook a few downgrades. Lots of texture and deep yellow. Nice. The living room was rather uninspired and the bathrooms could have been done by a teenager, so I stand by that B.

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