I went to Lowe’s today

A shiny, new Lowe’s opened up just around the corner. Well, more than a mile away, but still. My spousal unit of course wanted to go there the second it opened. So what happened? Only my wildest dreams come true. Yes-I’m STILL talking about lighting, especially when you see stuff like this:


A sconce! I know, right? I’m crushing big on sconces right now and if you’re lucky, I’m doing a whole thing about them soon. My personal belief is that they are very under-utilized. You pretty much only see them in hotel lobbies and model homes. Lighting makes strange bedfellows.

Anyway, there’s more. But, lucky for you, I took some pictures. Behold. More lighting:

IMG_2891 IMG_2889 IMG_2883 IMG_2897

Sconces. Right??

In addition to sconces, I’m completely and totally in love with the updated versions of my mom’s chandeliers. Sparkly and pretty. To wit:

IMG_2878 IMG_2896 IMG_2890 IMG_2887 IMG_2886 IMG_2888

I triple love the flush mount round and square sparklies. I can totally see one of these in my closet. You heard me. The last picture with the oval shaped light and below it the round light with the unaffected drops? Kill me now. The droplets aren’t faceted, they are just plump little pieces of glass. Pottery Barn had lighting like this a couple of years ago, but I had lost all my gold bricks, so I never got any. These are the exact same ones and for prices that are friendly and won’t activate your gag reflex. The light disbursement doesn’t give the same pow as the faceted ones, but they are super pretty and totally do the trick. In my head, the sconce version is in my bathroom.

What do we have next?

IMG_2861 IMG_2878 IMG_2879 IMG_2884 IMG_2881 IMG_2885 IMG_2892

This last picture gives me the vapors. Have mercy.

So, that’s it kids. I went to Lowe’s today.

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