The Family Stone

Today let’s all hold hands and tour another house. We are going to check out my sister’s crib.

We have very different tastes, but I’ve always thought her touch in a home is delightful. Debi makes choices I’d never think of and is able to move a chair over six inches and suddenly the room works. Let’s call her furniture savant.

The house was built in the 50’s and there are many, many original fixtures, wood, and several other things we will explore. It’s fantastic. I’ve tried to capture as many details as I can, but it’s hard to capture everything from the last 70+ years.

The walls are ridiculous and any sane person would scream with delight. They’re wood – and no, most definitely not paneling. The walls and trim are a special kind of awesome, which I will share with you. The bathroom fixtures? Oh just kill me now.
We are going to start with the exterior and if you are a long time reader of this blog, you will know that I don’t do the exterior of houses because I normally critique the decorating only. But here’s the deal. Where I live, it’s stucco and stucco and rows of homes that are generic. I am coming to despise it. Stucco just says “I give up”. (Just like white cabinets and granite, and holy crapballs, by now you should know my utter disdain for the horrible counters that are granite).

Anyway, the brick and all of the details just suck me in. So that’s why I’m starting here. The house was built in the 50’s and it was a custom home for a doctor, adding even more delightful details. Let’s start with the address numbers. Holy crap. They are carved into the wall by the front door (and wait till you see that!)

The house is L shaped and it’s on a corner, so this fabulous brick just wraps around the block. Now I realize many of you are already brick people so you are probably wondering why this is so pretty to me. We don’t have brick where I live. At all. Anywhere. We have water and sunshine but our homes are blah. (Another reason why I don’t critique the builders because I’d write one post and that would be it. Seriously.)

The back yard is big and comfy. I was there in the winter (another thing we don’t have) so I didn’t take many pictures because it was below 60 degrees. I have some of the detail, though, so you can get a good idea. For right now though, the back of her house looks like they put leaves over the basement door where they keep the dead people.

I love her house, but for me, it’s a little heavy. The colors are deep and I tend to enjoy the brighter, spring-like colors. Because it makes me happy, that’s why.

I’m a little more of a gardner than she is. But-tsk tsk anyway. I’m still working with this WordPress thing and to make it worse, they have made some changes. Bottom line? I haven’t figured out how to put descriptions next to certain photos and that sucks for you. You’ll be looking at things and wonder what I was thinking when I included it. But-picture #17 (not numbered so you’ll have count. Sorry) That’s a close up of her floor. THAT”S HER FLOOR!. So the next time you’re thinking you want wood floors, ask yourself if they look like this. Gorgeous.

There are some pictures just before and after the one of the floor that show the wood detail, as well as the built in cabinets. I know this is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it has a personality. It’s lived in. Comfortable. Good bones. You may have to click on some of the photos and I’m hoping it will make it larger for you. Her husband is a musician, so yes-all of the instruments are played every day.


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