Month: September 2014

I am not amused

We need to settle something straight up. Dust ruffles need to be gone. I should think that by now I shouldn’t even have to say this, much less stop everything I’m doing and write a post about it.
Do Not Tile Your Floors White. I know you’re tempted, it’s on sale, it matches everything, “fresh”, blah blah.

Listen. There is no legitimate reason to use white tiles on your floor. It’s like wearing white shoes. Just back away. Move toward the light.
You may be thinking I’m a little harsh but I stand by this.

You sexy bitch

A few weeks ago I fell in to a lighting rabbit hole deep and wide. I thought I had gotten it out of my system, but then this:

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 8.28.03 PM

Could you die?? The base is dreamy and I love the whole silhouette of this. It reminds me of the Jeannie bottle. Best part? It’s 50 bucks. Get this hot little number here.

So I turn my attention someplace else for 10 minutes and this Jessica Rabbit comes strolling along, giving me the vapors.


You can find this here. I almost peed my pants when I saw they have it in gray. Just a Grace Kelly of a lamp. And just so you know before you get cozy with it, she’s five HUNDRED dollars.

A table lamp.

Is five hundred dollars.

Am I overreacting? I really don’t think so. I can justify quite a bit as I am gifted with a good imagination and fantastic rationalization skills, but this beauty? Sadly, I have to pass. At least until I figure out how she can be mine!! Either color.