Month: August 2014

Just a little nugget for you

I found a site a while back called The Zhush. Sounds fantastic, right? Well, it is. Awesome actually. You know how you go to Pinterest or Instagram or wherever you normally consume your house porn, and 6 hours later your eyes are watery and you are overwhelmed? I don’t do that anymore. I just get a convenient email everyday form The Zhush and it’s usually about 5 or 6 stunning pictures and then I’m on my way. Like crack, but without those pesky side effects.
So go here, sign up for the mailing list, and I promise you that you will return here to this blog and thank me. In advance-you’re welcome.

A custom home in Wesley Chapel

Well color me surprised. And delighted. I found this gem while looking for properties. And oh, guess what? The sales associate decorated it. I know, right? So there is hope for the amateurs out there. This gets an A, straight up. She stayed true to the architecture of the house, didn’t overdo it, and she was on a strict budget. So, that’s why this gets a A. I have definitely seen professionals not do as well as this one. It’s thought out and functional. And score! The dining room table is from Rooms to Go and so are the sofas. You can’t really see the detail on the sofas very well, but I was really surprised. The two floor candles are from Pier One and I always love a good floor candle.
I had to do two videos because in the middle of filming the master bath, my phone rang and turned the video off. I didn’t realize I hadn’t captured the master bath until I got home. So, sorry about that. Just trust me, it was big and laid out well. The sinks were on opposite sides of the bathroom. I love that because my husband seems to think that if he can’t actually see a million little hairs on and around the sink, then he hasn’t shaved. Or something. I don’t know what goes through the mind of a man, but mine is messy. Ewwwww, boys!!
Part one:

Part Two: