One Kings Lane

I love One Kings Lane.
I take that back.
One Kings Lane frustrates the crap out of me. I love their selections. They always deliver and their goods are consistently unusual enough to make me seek them out. But. That whole flash sale thing doesn’t work for me. I know it’s not technically a flash sale. Flash sales are a few hours long, right? Vs. a week or 10 days? Something like that. Anyway, my problem with OKL is that my shopping habits are very different now than when I was younger. I take a while to consider things. I make far far fewer snap decisions. Well, probably none.
So my experience with OKL goes something like this:
OH MY GOD! I have GOT to have that chair. It is delicious. I will never want another chair after seeing this one. It’s ruined it for the other chairs.

Day Two: how much is that fantastic chair I saw last night? Oh wow! That amazing chair is only $599? Holy crap. That’s a great deal for a chair so cool.

Day Three: Wow. I’d love to have that chair. But I really don’t have that kind of scratch right now. And if I did have that much, I’d really like to paint my house instead.

Day Four: Well, pooh. It just can’t happen. Not right now.

Day Five: oh my god, what was I thinking? I’ve got to have that chair. Let me just see the measurements. I go the site. BAM! It’s gone. It was all a dream.

And then, this evening, this:

Well played, One Kings Lane.

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