A Refreshing and Solid A

Lookie! I found a beautiful house to share with you! The floor plan was fantastic. It was a little too big (for me, as I tend to like them a little smaller) but it has two owners suites, a favorite feature of mine. So let’s discuss. Was there granite? Some. There was a generous amount of quartz. Love that. The color palette was soft and the decorator is fantastic. (My love of lighting continues and I still have more to come.) She did not disappoint! She chose the blue and brown palette, heavy on the blues and neutrals. Fantastic accent walls, just the right shade, perfect furniture choices, inside and out, and Fake Food!!! And again I’m really noticing the nested tables. We’ve seen these done before, but not as pretty of an outcome.

A couple of things that really caught my eye and made me super happy: The baby’s room. She did an aviation theme and even carried it through to the origami maps over the crib. Adorable. Also, in the children’s room, she has framed some Dr. Suess. They look really cute. And finally, bright pink and black room was really pretty. She has taken some bags from Chanel, Coach, and a few others and framed them. The effect is interesting and it’s not at all too girly. Fantastic, interesting choices. And this builder also uses the wood shelves in all of the closets. Love it!! Take a look.


IMG_0977 IMG_0975 IMG_0974 IMG_0973 IMG_0972 IMG_0971 IMG_0970 IMG_0969 IMG_0968 IMG_0967 IMG_0966 IMG_0965 IMG_0964 IMG_0963 IMG_0962 IMG_0961 IMG_0960 IMG_0959 IMG_0958 IMG_0957 IMG_0956 IMG_0955 IMG_0954 IMG_0953 IMG_0952 IMG_0951 IMG_0950 IMG_0949 IMG_0948 IMG_0947 IMG_0946 IMG_0945 IMG_0944 IMG_0943 IMG_0942 IMG_0941 IMG_0940 IMG_0939 IMG_0938 IMG_0937 IMG_0936 IMG_0935 IMG_0934 IMG_0933 IMG_0932 IMG_0931 IMG_0930 IMG_0929 IMG_0928 IMG_0927 IMG_0926 IMG_0925 IMG_0924 IMG_0923 IMG_0922 IMG_0921 IMG_0920 IMG_0919 IMG_0918 IMG_0917 IMG_0916 IMG_0915 IMG_0914 IMG_0913 IMG_0912 IMG_0911 IMG_0910 IMG_0909 IMG_0908 IMG_0907 IMG_0906 IMG_0905 IMG_0904 IMG_0903 IMG_0902 IMG_0901

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