Don’t try this at home

This was a smallish, unassuming townhouse that made me smile. The decorator made some bold color choices. She chose sand color walls and mostly lime green and purple accents. This is not something to try at home kids, because this could go south very easy and I daresay, based on the zillions of homes I’ve been in, this color combination is easy to get wrong.

Having spent the day in this house, I think the success with this particular home is that the  colors were used sparingly and they are easily changed out. The lamps in this house made my day. Beautiful. The girls room upstairs (finally) had a female athlete on the wall. My favorite color is pink, but I do NOT like pink walls or the way most decorators go out of their way to make sure you know the gender of the person living in the room. No No No. I’d like to see a more grown up girls room at least once.

In spite of the pink paint, I loved the fabric of the curtains and the dresser in that room. The boys room had a vague sports theme without being over the top. The master had wood floors, which I love in a master bedroom. Also, Granite. Why must we always have granite? The upstairs baths had quartz (!!!!!) , at least. And whoever the builder used to install their wall tile must have had a few at lunch. There is nothing worse than having a tile backsplash and being able to tell where the sheets began and ended.

This house is whimsical and I’m not penalizing the decorator for the granite. It was about 2500 sf and had an open floor plan. Oh, and P.S. – They had fake food. I love fake food. And yes, I took pictures.

IMG_0454 IMG_0453 IMG_0452 IMG_0451 IMG_0450 IMG_0449 IMG_0448 IMG_0447 IMG_0446 IMG_0445 IMG_0444 IMG_0443 IMG_0442 IMG_0440 IMG_0439 IMG_0438 IMG_0437 IMG_0436 IMG_0435 IMG_0434 IMG_0430 IMG_0429 IMG_0428 IMG_0427 IMG_0426 IMG_0425 IMG_0424 IMG_0423 IMG_0422 IMG_0421 IMG_0420 IMG_0419 IMG_0418 IMG_0417 IMG_0416 IMG_0415 IMG_0414 IMG_0413 IMG_0412 IMG_0411 IMG_0410 IMG_0409 IMG_0408 IMG_0407 IMG_0406 IMG_0404 IMG_0403 IMG_0402 IMG_0401 IMG_0400 IMG_0399 IMG_0398 IMG_0397 IMG_0396 IMG_0395 IMG_0394 IMG_0393 IMG_0392 IMG_0391 IMG_0390 IMG_0389 IMG_0388 IMG_0387 IMG_0386 IMG_0385 IMG_0384 IMG_0383 IMG_0382 IMG_0381 IMG_0380 IMG_0379 IMG_0378 IMG_0377 IMG_0376 IMG_0375 IMG_0374 IMG_0373 IMG_0372 IMG_0371 IMG_0370 IMG_0369 IMG_0368

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