A teeny tiny, but cute townhouse

This little guy is part of a quadplex, something you really only see in Hyde Park. There is another floor plan, but it’s not decorated, so we only have this one to stalk. This little nugget would be a good entry-level house or for the down-sizer. Maybe a single parent with one child. There’s just no room for anyone else. There’s no storage at all, except a closet under the stairs, and there’s no garage. It’s like a little apartment. I like the decor, though. She chose light blue, brown, and sand as the color palette and it works very well here. I personally would have taken out the can lights over the bar and gone for pin lights, but eh, she went another route. I do like that she used the same lamps in the two bedrooms and also, downstairs, the framed little mirrors are over the tv and in the half bath. I guess I enjoy continuity. This one gets a B- for the fantastic use of limited space and consistency. In fact, the grade took a big hit because why? Granite, that’s why. I’m dying to see a model house without it. Anyway, enjoy.

I wanted to point out this detail. In the extra bathroom upstairs, there is a shower curtain and there is also a half-curtain. I took pics of it but I also took a picture of the inside of it so you could see how it was hung. Nice touch, nice detail.

IMG_0358 IMG_0356

IMG_0364 IMG_0362 IMG_0361 IMG_0360 IMG_0359 IMG_0355 IMG_0354 IMG_0353 IMG_0352 IMG_0351 IMG_0350 IMG_0349 IMG_0345 IMG_0344 IMG_0343 IMG_0342 IMG_0341 IMG_0340 IMG_0339 IMG_0338 IMG_0337 IMG_0336 IMG_0335 IMG_0334 IMG_0333 IMG_0332 IMG_0331 IMG_0330 IMG_0329 IMG_0328 IMG_0327 IMG_0326 IMG_0325 IMG_0323 IMG_0322

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