A Big Ass Two Story House

This house is not one of my favorites. It’s really too big. It clocks in at 3579 sf, has 5 BR’s, a 2 Car garage, and 5 bathrooms. That’s 5 bathrooms to clean. It is a monster. And it’s designed poorly. And this builder uses a crappy decorator, but there are some nice touches. Also, this house seems a bit outdated. They are still using the earthy neutral tones but with no surprises, and they also have the bane of my existence-granite. Speaking of the kitchen, it is huge. Like, enormous. On the surface that seems awesome, but the decorator used a small rectangle table when clearly she should have used a round one. Also, the island is too big. And it’s perfectly square. I don’t cook, but it seems to me that you’d have trouble getting something in and out of the oven. And the same is true for the refrigerator. The whole family has to walk all the way through the kitchen for breakfast. Seems picky, but this is a big ass kitchen. Poorly designed. Did I mention the horrible granite? And the backsplash that aggressively competes with the granite? Just no. I’m trying to upload the video, but so far I suck at it. They also tend to use brushed chrome lighting with white tulip globes that seem quite modern. They don’t match the heavier, Mediterranean architecture and decor. Not only are the fixtures unattractive, but they look cheap, especially in a house they are clearly trying to make “grand”.
But, there are also many things I like about this house. The bedrooms upstairs are laid out very nicely. In fact, there’s really nothing wrong with the upstairs. Overall, I give this house a very solid C. The upstairs and front porch save this one. Enjoy.

**Update!! I got this video thing kinda figured out, so here you go. It’s in 2 parts, so sorry about that.

IMG_0205 IMG_0204 IMG_0203 IMG_0202 IMG_0201 IMG_0199 IMG_0198 IMG_0197 IMG_0196 IMG_0195 IMG_0194 IMG_0193 IMG_0192 IMG_0191 IMG_0190 IMG_0189 IMG_0188 IMG_0187 IMG_0186 IMG_0185 IMG_0184 IMG_0183 IMG_0182 IMG_0181 IMG_0180 IMG_0179 IMG_0178

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